Who We Are

Insights into Unique Motor Car Company

Unique Motor Car Company has been in business since the mid 70's. Keeping customers satisfied while changing and growing with the demanding needs of the automotive world.

Unique Motor Car Company offers you a Unique Buying and Service experience.

When you are looking for a high quality, pre-owned vehicle, we go out of our way to help you find that vehicle. It does not matter if it is a premium luxury car, an SUV for the family, or a nice reliable car for the children. Unique Motor Car Company will help you find that car, the right car!

We are not your typical car dealer. We don't try to push you into a particular car just because it happens to be sitting on our lot. You tell us what make and model you are looking for, and how you would like it equipped. We will then do an extensive search, going through inventories that are not available to the general public. These inventories can include BMW Financial, Mercedes Benz Credit, Audi/VW Financial, Ford Motor Credit, Lexus/Toyota Financial, Nissan/Infinit Financial, Ally Bank(GMAC), and many other financial institutions.

We will search these inventories that are available to us, and narrow down the available vehicles based on the criteria that you have provided to us. After letting you know what we have found, and with your authorization, we will then purchase the vehicle that you selected. We will arrange shipping for this purchase, as needed, as we search inventories all across the country! Upon its arrival at our dealership, we will run it through our state of the art service facility. We will thoroughly check over your purchase, and address anything that needs attention. All with your approval. We will provide new Pennsylvania inspections, if needed, and give your car a complete detailing. You will get the CarFax report, and if there is any remaining factory warranty, you get that too! If your car is out of factory warranty, we do offer extended warranties.

We keep you involved and informed throughout this entire process.

Our Unique Motor Car Company pricing is simple. No need to haggle over pricing, or trips to the sales manager to "see what we can do". We acquire these cars at wholesale auction prices, add a small percentage, and then pass the savings on to you! It is that simple. Remember, cars depreciate 30-40% after two or three years. We buy the car for you at an already depreciated value, and pass that savings on to you. Most dealers are in the retail market. Bottom line, we are in the wholesale marking, passing the savings on to you, our customer.

Need financing for your new purchase? We can help you find the right lender that will meet your needs. By arranging your own financing, you will save on the interest rate, and not add to another dealers profit margin. Just another way to save money!

Wanting to sell an existing car you own? We can assist you with that process. We can market your car for you. We will advertise your car, field any phone calls or in person visits, and handle all of the paper work involved. We will only take a small percentage of the selling price, thus removing you from all the stress and hassles of selling your car with ultimate success.

Our goal is finding the perfect car that fits your wants and needs. All at wholesale pricing. This is how we have kept our customers through these many years of business.

Simply stated, we meticulously search for top quality vehicles for you at WHOLESALE prices. This is the Unique Motor Car Company way!

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